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About me

From tension, stress and fatigue to inner peace, a deep confidence, health and pleasure. I discovered it is possible!


Through energy healing I have learned and experienced how you can completely transform emotionally charged memories and suppressed emotions. How to regain your inner peace. How to let go of something that used to feel heavy, sad or painful and view it in a different light. I love to help you on your way to feeling carefree, happy and healthy again.


As the daughter of an astrologer and Reiki master, I grew up with energy work and spirituality from an early age. As a child I read countless books on these topics. But because of this I found it increasingly difficult to relate to my classmates. From my teenage years, I therefore decided to change and adapt. I unconsciously closed myself off and hid my true feelings. From then on my life was all about climbing the social ladder. I was ambitious and wanted to prove myself. I successfully graduated from university and had a thriving corporate career. From the outside I had made it. However, all my choices were made with the mind instead of the heart. I had ignored my feelings for so long that I couldn't even relate to them anymore. I felt completely stuck.


When I met Jose Antonio Manchado, a master in energy healing, everything changed. He taught me and many others ancient Aboriginal and Tibetan forms of healing. I started to apply them on myself and noticed how little by little I got back in touch with my feelings. I discovered what changes I wanted to make in life, what choices I had to make to become truly happy again. I gave up my corporate career and chose freedom. I followed my heart. Without regrets. And now I do what truly makes me happy. 


With great pleasure and gratitude I pass this on so that you too can experience that inner peace is possible. And the best thing is ... you don't have to believe in anything. Just being open to it is enough.


I would love to welcome you!

Monique Bouwmeester
Monique Bouwmeester Healing Haarlem

About my training

I am trained and initiated in:

Dharma Shamanic System I & II & III

This is the healing method of Australian aboriginal shamans (40,000 years old) combined with traditional Tibetan medicine. The combination makes this form of healing very powerful. For example, it is possible to remove memories and negative information from the body and to remove the emotional charge.  ​

Rigpa Energetic Healing I & II & III

This effective form of healing (over 2500 years old) was developed by Tibetan monks. It makes you aware of how your thoughts and behavior affect your health and happiness. Rigpa Energetic Healing returns the body to its natural state and activates the self-healing ability.

Reiki Usui I & II & Mastership

Reiki Usui is an originally Japanese energetic form of healing in to transmit healing energy.  By directing the energy, blockages can be removed so that the  energy field around the body comes into balance again.  

Pranic Healing Basic (I) & Advanced (II) 

With Pranic Healing you can detect blockages in the aura and then remove them. No physical contact is necessary because work is done in the energy body, so not directly on the body.

Conscious Therapist 

During the conscious therapist training I learned the connection between the physical complaint and the underlying emotional cause and how to heal this in both yourself and others.  

Tantra & Meditation

Tantra and meditation is about pure freedom. Step by step the connection with life grows. You feel more. Things get livelier. Tantra offers tools that help you live your life more fully and with more freedom.

Personal leadership - Nyenrode Business University

Master of Arts in Media Studies - University of Amsterdam

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